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Pre-Conception Consultation

Prenatal Care

Nutritional Counseling

Childbirth Education

Support for Homebirth

Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum Care

Holistic Well-Woman Gynecology

Referrals to Allied Health Professionals

Our birth center is located in Los Angeles CA within the city of Arcadia.

The benefits of giving birth in a freestanding birth center are:

  • A serene home-like environment where you can give birth with privacy.

  • Birth tub for water immersion, which can ease labor pains and make the contractions of labor more tolerable. Your baby can be born in water, gently easing birth transition from womb to world.

  • Freedom to walk, eat, and assume any position that helps you cope with your labor.

  • Freedom from strict timelines and unnecessary medical interventions (i.e., continuous electronic fetal monitoring, augmentation of labor with Pitocin, etc.) which can lead to complications of labor, including cesarean section.

  • No separation between mother and newborn. Baby remains with the mother after the birth. This continuous skin-to-skin contact improves breastfeeding success. The newborn exam will be done at your bed.

  • More freedom of choice regarding medical procedures for yourself or your baby. We believe in informed consent and informed refusal. You get to have your birth your way.

Most births proceed normally, and you should expect a beautiful experience. At New Life Midwifery, your experience and safety are our utmost concern. If for any reason you must be transferred to the hospital, your midwife will facilitate the transfer, and if you desire, provide you with postpartum care once you are discharged from the hospital.




Many women feel a water birth allows them to follow their natural birthing instincts. Being in water provides birthing women with privacy and autonomy; while helping them to cope with contractions. Water birth is essentially as simple as it sounds. A woman labours and gives birth while in a tub filled with warm water. At NLM Birth Center we encourage women to take advantage of this experience in our birthing tubs.



Many women feel dissatisfied with their past providers. They report medical providers tell them what to do rather than inform them of their options and rights. Care given is not personal, or informative. At our birth center, you will be guided and empowered throughout your pregnancy. We are designed to serve families. Your children and any or your family members are invited to play a part in your experience. You are the perfect person to make decisions on what is best for you and your new baby.

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