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Midwifery care offers an alternative to mainstream obstetrical care for women; optimizing health outcomes and satisfaction, emphasizing the women and her families active participation in her pregnancy care, and minimizing unnecessary and potentially harmful intervention.

Meet Chemin Perez LM, CPM


I grew up in Los Angeles on the northeast side, on a beautiful hill called Mount Washington. I was blessed to have a mother who raised me up in a four square church in Eagle Rock called Christian Assembly. Throughout my life I have been thankful for the presence of Jesus. He has shown me his love and faithfulness every day of my life. I currently attend Victory Outreach Eagle Rock CA.

During my childbearing years, God showed me how to embrace a Christ centered birth. His faithfulness and love is ever-present at the perfect time for every man and woman. When we feel weak, he is strong for us. We can rest in his arms, we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not grow faint! Birth is a wonderful opportunity for God to stretch and grow a woman while he continues to empower and raise up a father.

A large part of my life as been spent supporting women in home birth. I first felt God call me to supporting women in this way back in 1987 when I gave birth to my first child. I was blessed to have a Christian midwife who cared for me throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I believe this is when the seed to becoming a midwife was planted. I went on to birth four children and adopt three more. I enjoyed assisting local midwives while raising a family.

I attended The National College Of Midwifery in 2009. I enjoyed my clinical training both in high volume birth centers and intimate small home birth practices.  My life has been blessed for many years of volunteering for the Pasadena health department's "Black infant health program". Childbirth education and birth support were my specialties. A few years of mine were spent working with "The Elizabeth house" pregnant woman's shelter. I currently am a Certified Professional Midwife, I am licensed by the State of California Medical Board. My training includes certification in Neonatal Resuscitation and Advance Life Support in Obstetrics.





Many women feel a water birth allows them to follow their natural birthing instincts. Being in water provides birthing women with privacy and autonomy; while helping them to cope with contractions. Water birth is essentially as simple as it sounds. A woman labours and gives birth while in a tub filled with warm water. At Arcadia Birth Center we encourage women to take advantage of this experience in our birthing tubs.



Many women feel dissatisfied with their past providers. They report medical providers tell them what to do rather than inform them of their options and rights.  Care given is not personal, or informative. At Arcadia birth center, you will be guided and empowered throughout your pregnancy. We are designed to serve families. Your children and any or your family members are invited to play a part in your experience. You are the perfect person to make decisions on what is best for you and your new baby.



Our goal is to provide a friendly safe place for you to experience labor and birth. Some mothers choose to experience meeting their new baby in a quiet intimate way. Others choose to include multiple people such as their mothers, sisters, friends, doulas, or older children. At Arcadia Birth Center, you decide who is present during labor and delivery.


"Como una mujer Mexicana-Americana agradesso que la tengo a Chemin como mi partera. Aunque soy fluente en elelingles preferia tener a una partera conquien me podia comunicar bien en el español junto con mi familia y quien entendia vuestra cultura. Hasta nos enseño clases de educauon de nacimsente en el ingles yen el español.
Gracias Chemin!"


“I was fortunate enough to be under the care of Chemin Perez while anticipating the birth of my first child. While I started my pregnancy journey full of many unknowns and a slight anxiety I quickly transformed into a assured and knowledge filled woman with a strong belief in the strength of my body and ever growing trust in the faithfulness of God. Chemin provides so much more than prenatal, birth and postnatal care. She provided an all around body, mind and spirit filled approach to childbirth and I am honored to know that she helped me usher our son into the world.”


"Giving birth at Arcadia Birth Center with Chemin was amazing, everything I hoped for and more! I was given exceptional care not only physically, but emotionally and spirituality too. I am so thankful to have found a midwife who invites the presence and power of God into birth. Chemin and her staff made me feel valued every step of the way. Their passion for moms and birth is absolutely beautiful. All I can say is thank you!"


"My entire pregnancy and labor was just amazing once I entered into the loving care of Chemin! I always felt like I had an active role and able to make choices for myself. Laboring in the birth pool was very comfortable and relaxing, I actually fell asleep in between contractions. To me Chemin was my guide that granted me safe passage into motherhood and a healthy baby girl."


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Chemin Perez, LM, CPM
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