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We aim to surround families with resources and deeply personalized care to optimize health outcomes and your experience of pregnancy and birth


Melissa is an amazing woman. Arcadia Birth Center is blessed to have her; God has given her a servant's heart! She is loved and appreciated by many families who are served in our practice. She is grateful and honored to serve and support women. Melissa is the proud mother of three beautiful children. She delivered out of the hospital, in birth centers and home birth settings. Melissa feels extremely blessed and thankful to have had the love and support of Chemin as one of her dedicated midwives as she birthed one of her babies in the water! 

Madeleine Rose 

Madeleine is a senior student in her second year of Midwifery school. Currently, she attends the National College of Midwifery and Pasadena City College. In 2015 she attended The College of The Nations, YWAM medical ships program. She enjoyed serving women and children in Papua New Guinea. In 2016 Madeleine spent time apprenticing in the Philippines alongside Filipino Midwives at the Shiphrah birthing home. As the daughter of a midwife, Madeleine has been attending to women in out of hospital birth for most of her life. Madeleine enjoys working part-time as a personal assistant to Ana Paula Markel of Bini Birth. She provides placenta encapsulation services for women who birth in our practice.

Carolina Montoya-Valdez, BA

Carolina is currently a student at National College of Midwifery, and is scheduled to graduate in 2019.  She is a mother of a 4 year old beautiful daughter.

Carolina started her career with a BA in Sociology.  She then became a Doula in order to help other mothers have amazing birth experiences. After the birth of her daughter she realized that she wanted to make a difference helping mothers have access to Midwifery services, and she hopes to also become a Medi-Cal provider upon licensing.


Chemin Perez, LM, CPM
New Life Midwifery 


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